Another victory for Alsace. Wednesday June 29, it is the village of Bergheim that viewers and Internet users have elected “favorite village of the French” in 2022. After Eguisheim in 2013, Kaysersberg in 2017 and Hunspach in 2020, it is the fourth time that a Alsatian municipality wins this title.

Here is the winners of this evening:

The mayor of Bergheim, Elisabeth Schneider, explained to our colleagues from 20 Minutes that the village had been in “effervescence” since the announcement of this victory. “We were told that we would have 30% more visitors. We who until then had a certain confidentiality which made our charm, I hope that will not change too much”, she confides.

The village thinks it is ready to accommodate this additional flow of tourists, it has a hotel, a hotel residence and six restaurants. But the mayor still confides some concerns to our colleagues from France 3: “We could have parking problems, the current 250 parking spaces may not be enough. If necessary, we will adapt. there will undoubtedly be investments to be made”.

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