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Spring is just around the corner and so is love. The fresh scent of flowers blooming in the air brings nothing but love vibes all around. Even if you’re happily single, there’s no excuse for not loving yourself.

Which is why we’ve brought just the right list foryou. This list will comprise heartwarming movies that you should watch this spring and rejuvenate the lost love inside you. Feel the warm embrace of love and tune into these movies right away.

But make sure you have everything you need before you stream these. Your comfy place with a blanket that will keep that warmth near you. Your favorite snacks to munch through a movie marathon. A box of tissue for those overwhelmingly emotional scenes, and a good internet connection.

Why a good internet connection? Because you’re going to be streaming these and certainly don’t want any buffering midway now. Also, watching a movie of low quality is something that’s old school now.

You have numerous internet providers that offer unlimited data with great speed tiers. Once such is Xfinity internet and you can count on its services for relentless internet connectivity. We’re only recommending this just to ensure a lag or buffering doesn’t interrupt your sob sessions. On that thought, let’s check out some of the top romantic movies to watch this week:

1.     Cyrano

Peter Dinklage plays Cyrano de Bergerac, a dazzling swordsman, and a brilliant wordsmith. But even with his amazing skills, he fears his personality would hinder his approach towards his devoted friend Roxanne.

What must Cyrano do to achieve what his heart wishes for? This music-romance is simply amazing with an emotional rollercoaster and shocking revelations, not to mention some superb dance and action scenes. It’s the perfect way to kick off your romantic week.

2.     Lady Chatterley’s Lover

A post-marital affair is seen as taboo in almost every society. But a heart wants what it wants, especially when the husband of a woman has returned home paralyzed from the war. Constance Reid, the wife, is in jeopardy and confused as she has to decide whether to care for her ill husband or the gamekeeper that she has fallen in love with.

This temptation, the yearning; it’s alluring, and Reid has to uncover her biases in this epic movie that you should keep on your watch list.

3.     The Half of It

Touching one of the critical issues of society, the main character Ellie is exploring her sexuality when she faces a strange situation. A loner in the school but brilliant, Ellie is earning side money by doing homework for other students to support her father.

However, when one student asks her to write a poem for one of the popular girls in the school, Ellie brings out her true feelings. The passion in the poem is not just in the words but emotionally heartwarming and truly moving enough to give you butterflies.

4.     Where the Crawdads Sing

What’s worse than being abandoned? Getting blamed for a murder? Worst? Framed for the murder of your ex-lover! Yes, this movie revolves around Catherine who is already in trouble as her family has abandoned her.

The problems pounce upon her when she finds out she’s the accused in the murder of her ex-lover. What must Catherine do to prove her innocence? The story is entirely heart-wrenching and you can’t but feel sad for the girl. It’s beautifully based on Delia Owen’s novel and is a must-watch.

5.     The Fault in Our Stars

An adaption of John Green’s book, two cancer support group members fall in love with each other! Knowing that they won’t be able to fix each other, both work on bringing out the best of themselves for the other.

The movie is a tearjerker. Rest assured it’ll keep you sobbing throughout the runtime. And if that’s not enough, we recommend reading the book with an entire tissue box by your side.

6.     P.S. I Love You

If you don’t have your tissues, then get them! P.S. I Love You packs that emotional punch that will surely make your heart move! Especially of those that mourn the loss of their loved one or rather, the one that has been lost.

With every letter comes a new perspective for Holly, a widow, mourning the death of her husband Gerry. With every letter, Holly realizes that her husband prepared for her safekeeping and to keep this sacred relationship intact. With every letter, he states ‘P.S. I Love You’. It’s truly inspiring in every manner and emotional in every angle!

7.     Titanic

How can we not include this? The amazing Kate Winslet, the star Leonardo DiCaprio, the chilling weather, a drowning ship, the fear of losing or better, saving your lover! Known as the movie of the decade, Titanic is one inspiring movie with immense emotional rollercoasters that will keep you going through the night!

8.     The Last Letter From Your Lover

What’s better than a love story? Someone else gets goes in the search of it! The Last Letter From Your Lover is about two timelines: one of a true love affair, and the other of a journalist who sets on a journey to uncover the truth about it. The story is mesmerizing and it’s totally going to move you if you’re looking for your lost love.

9.     Only Lovers Left Alive

Talk about it together forever! Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, the two vampires named Eve and Adam, rejoice in their love story even after centuries. Adam, who’s plummeted into depression with the condition of society.

But his lover, Eve, comes to the rescue to assure him that there’s still love in the world. However, with Eve, comes Ava, her sister, who threatens the lovebirds with her intentions. The movie itself is a unique blend of modern cinematography and is one highly recommended love-horror pick.

10. Your Name

If you’re into anime, then Your Name is a must-watch romance. The idea behind the movie is pure love: swapping bodies to learn about your lover’s life creates a love blend that’s in perfect unison.

It’s truly magical, having to experience the life of another person, and here, the two high school lovers do it with each other. If that’s not pure love then we don’t know what is.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that’s all for now! We hope that you’ll surely be feeling warmed up and ready to experience love. Whether it’s with your partner or alone, which isn’t an issue because self-love is utmost important too!