One bite, two bites, three bites… Summer hasn’t even started yet and you’re already the beloved target of mosquitoes. This can be explained by different factors. Your body heat is one of the main ones, as these little beasts are attracted to the lactic acid in your sweat.

Thus, if you sweat a lot, after a sports session for example, you are more likely to be stung than your neighbor who comes out of a good shower. Your blood type also plays a role: people with type O and, to a lesser extent, type A, are the favorite victims of serial biters.

In addition, mosquitoes are attracted by the release of carbon dioxide (CO2), according to Sud Ouest. If you emit more than the others, you still have an extra chance of getting bitten. Pregnant people, as well as “overweight people, those who have just played sports or those who drink alcohol are also prime targets because all these factors promote an increase in heart rate and body heat, causing an increase in the CO2 released”, specifies the regional daily.

And yes: your beer consumption also makes you an easy target for mosquitoes… Like other foods you eat on a daily basis. Indeed, certain foods rich in potassium or lactic acid are known to attract these little beasts more than others. Check out ten of them in our slideshow below.