10 celebrity autographs that can sell for gold


A signed book, a signed album cover or a few words scribbled on a piece of paper… The autographs of the greatest personalities can be very, very expensive. And for good reason ! As the France Estimations site rightly points out, these documents “testify to a moment in life and allow you to come into close contact with an artist, a politician or a scientist in his daily activity”.

Questioned by Planet.fr, Julian Paganetti, manuscript expert, written documents can indeed bring in a fortune when they are highly sought after by collectors. However, not all are equal… In our slideshow below, discover ten autographs of stars that resell between 40 and 400 euros on eBay.

“The more we go back in time, the more difficult it is to find the writings of a personality. What makes the value of a letter is its content, it is what it says”, explains Julien Paganetti .

“I often give the example: if you take a letter from Victor Hugo that says ‘Dear Sir, see you tomorrow at 2 p.m., signed Victor Hugo’, it’s not worth a lot of money. But if you take the same signatory who wrote to Napoleon III about Les Miserables or the freedom of peoples, this can be worth tens of thousands of euros”, continues the specialist.

A document written by the hand of an illustrious person remains quite rare and is therefore worth money, because it constitutes “a bridge between an era and the year 2022, it is always worth a few hundred euros”, says Julien Paganetti.