the first professional football club in Belgium, Club Brugge are the estate agents to sign a contract. Anyone who wishes to do so to the match organiser must conform to a set of terms and conditions. The Belgian venue, welcomed the initiative. “We would like other clubs to encourage others to do the same.”

SEE ALSO. Voetbalredacteur, Bart Lagae, makes the balance up, exactly a year after Operation Clean Hands, “it’s cleaner”:

Exactly a year ago, it came as a storm in Belgian football. When the Joint Action Day of the operation is Zero (the so-called Clean Hands) there were 44 places to conduct a search is performed. Nine eersteklasseclubs were given to police officers on the ground. Detectives are still working on an investigation into the black money is around fraudulent real estate agents. Especially in the so-called retrocommissies money that may or may not be behind the backs of clubs, with one third being paid – will receive attention.

the Club’s chairman Bart Verhaeghe and the Club’s manager Vincent Mannaert, had recently had an explanation to give you about the bills that they pay to the Dejan Veljkovic, one of the leading figures in the document. Not, inadvertently, become involved in the zwartgeldcircuits Club, as it denies the construction of Veljkovic in the know have been let to blue-black and his agents, now with a document to sign. It is called the I Know, it’s Your Agent. (know your broker) and the goal is to have the rogue from the reputable estate agents to stay in business.

those Who want to do business with Club Brugge, it is not enough to prove that he was in the national and international rules and regulations for real estate agents to follow. He also explained that he has never been convicted for matchfixing and fraud, and that he has no power of attorney on an account of a baseball player. It was such a powers of attorney on the accounts of that Dejan Veljkovic are zwartgeldcircuit was running it.


the Club, in Bruges, it would be myself, can be verified, however, and with the Clean Hands and the contract, the responsibility is now in the real estate market. Us and contacted real estate brokers to respond mostly positively to the intervention.

“We think it’s a good idea to consult there are now clubs all over,” says Jesse De Preter Belgian venue. The provision of Club Brugge at home in a wider range of movements. Previously, it has been a list of transfers of, and payments to the public. According to our information, the majority of brokers will use the Know-Your-Agent -a contract has already been signed. Some of them are still in two minds, is because their clients, for example, to explicitly ask for a power of attorney on the account to keep it.
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