A nice sum can potentially be waiting for you at the bottom of your wallet. Indeed, some coins have a value much higher than the sum indicated. Many coins of 1 or 2 euros can win you up to several thousand euros. But, how to recognize them? Discover in our slideshow below how to identify the one worth almost 400 euros.

Like stamps or cards, the value of coins depends on their rarity. So, the more unique the coin you own, the more money it can win you. Among them, we find those from Monaco put into circulation between 2002 and 2007. Vatican coins are considered one of the rarest and can be resold for between 20 and 50 euros minimum.

The Belgian media SudRadio Max informed of the existence of a 1 euro coin which could be worth up to 400 euros. Its amount is partly justified by its rarity and the presence of a prince on one side. The latter has been issued in France for more than ten years. Discover in our slideshow below the detailed characteristics of this coin. But if you have one of these rare pieces, how can you sell it at the best price?

First, you can have your coin authenticated with your bank. You can also hire a numismatist. He is a collector of old and contemporary coins. To resell it, you can have it bought back by the collector. If you prefer to go online, there are several sites available for reselling parts. Indeed, there is a specialized site called Numiscorner on which you can offer your coin. Otherwise, you can resell it on eBay or Rakuten Shopping, its Japanese counterpart.

See our slideshow below to find out if you can win 400 euros with your 1 euro coin.