Zurich dashes – a member of the Parliament wants a ban on the sale of E-cigarettes to JugendlicheFür the steamer should apply the same rules as for tobacco products, calls for a clear majority in the Parliament. 0 KommentareDas Zurich Parliament calls for stricter rules: A young woman smokes an E-cigarette.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, a ban on the sale of E-cigarettes to young people is aiming for. The cantonal Parliament has referred on Monday a Motion of the EPP is clear that E-cigarette calls for the same requirements, as for tobacco.

the Background to the Motion is a regulatory vacuum at the Federal level, the was created after a ruling by the Federal administrative court in April 2018. Since then, there is at the Federal level regarding E-cigarettes there are no legal requirements for the protection of minors.

The Federal government is working on a new legal regulation. However, it is unclear and controversial, when the new Federal law on tobacco products and electronic cigarettes will come into force. In the Canton of Zurich, there is currently no sale restrictions for E-cigarettes, complain the Motionäre.

the Same rules as in the case of tobacco

“E-cigarettes should be subject to as soon as possible to the same rules as tobacco products,” demanded the first signatory of the Motion, Beat Monhart (EPP, Gossau). In order for the gap to be filled in the protection of minors in the Canton, until a Federal rule.

It was right and necessary to treat E-cigarettes the same as traditional Smoking products, argue the Motionäre. E-cigarettes would be the mountains of the great danger that children and young people were first addicted to nicotine and later on to the cigarette handles.

In the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, a ban on the sale of tobacco products to young people under 16 years-of-date. This should apply to all nicotine-containing products with the exception of nicotine-containing drugs. In addition, an increase in the minimum age to address.

“Yes, but” by the government

The government showed willing to the concern, but only in the attenuated Form of a Postulate. The verb ildliche Motion, he refused, as health Director Natalie Rickli (SVP) has said.

The industry had imposed in the youth protection a voluntary code to be effective, she explained. It is therefore useful to transfer the Motion now. A postulate would allow the government, the development around the E-cigarette initially pursue.

The majority of the Parliament followed Rickli but. Most of the parties expressed doubts, whether to an early Federal solution to the determination of the cantonal government or to a long term existing protection through the self-regulation of the industry.

Parliament does not want to. wait and see

“If we were to put a scheme on the long Bank, we will send young people the wrong Signal,” said Gabriel Mäder (GLP, Adliswil)”We have no time to wait on a postulate”, it sounded similar to that of the Green (Jeannette Büsser, Zurich). Even the always-regulation, critical of the FDP agreed to the claim “in the sense of a transitional arrangement”.

Only a large part of the SVP voted against the Motion, and the CVP contained their voices, “in the sense of a Transfer,” as Lorenz Schmid said. In terms of content, they were behind the requirement, stressed by both parties and be willing to support it as a postulate. A Motion would be faced with the prospect of a national solution, but not too far.

After a long and involved discussion, the Motion was referred finally, with 111 votes to 37 clear. The government now has two years time, the demand in a revision of the law to implement and those to the Parliament.


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