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Carvajal and Ramos, two life insurance Zidane, they have handled the situation more tricky that has lived the Real Madrid in the second era of this “League of the coronavirus,” as defined by the madrid captain. A foray to the side caused the penalty that the seville became the decisive goal.

it Was the ninth of both the central in Spanish championship, the eleventh in season. It is the second gunner of the leader, only surpassed by Benzema. Courtois scored his seventeenth si ntre undefeated and has only had 21 goals in 33 days. It was the other key to victory harder. The only defensive error of a Getafe excellent cost him the match.

“Carvajal, Rodrygo, and Asensio opened up the field, yes, and the play of Dani was the product of that variation,” acknowledged the frenchman

The third main point of the win real madrid was tactical which made Zidane at the time of the game. Introduced two endpoints, Rodrygo and Asensio, to open the football by the bands and added the lungs of Valverde. This opening of the field allowed the admission of Carvajal and the penalty. “Yes, it was important,” acknowledged the technical marseillais. “We open the field and so was the action of Dani”.

Varane is concerned: the problem of cervical

The worrying news was the physical state of Varane, replaced after suffering a blow on the head: “Feel a sharp pain in the cervical vertebrae. He is in the house accompanied by a doctor and you will be tested within a few hours. I hope that’s not nothing. I don’t know if you can be in the game on Sunday”.

he Returned to deny that you have even half a title on the bottle (white bottle , although this four-point difference in the standings, they are five ratio is particularly favorable compared to Barcelona. Ensures that the League will not be decided until the end. Is of the opinion that the experience dictates that in a League as complicated as the Spanish you can’t say that you are a champion until the last day. It happened three years ago and now sees a similar situation.

The big match tactical Getafe of Bordalás gave him the reason to Zinedine, that Sunday must be measured without break to the Athletic. Any advantage that you have in the rating you can fly in two days because the accumulation of matches, each “two days”, as claimed Zidane last week, causes a constant wear that can pass for rare bills.

it Was, the last night, the meeting more hard for the leader . “We were not comfortable, we knew that the opponent would play like that”, he looked at the responsible of the leader. “The best thing is the strength of the team and its confidence in what you do until you get the victory”, added. A group of rocky that is supported in the system is destructive: “The good thing is that they defend all and believe in what you are doing”.