Zelda players can use minigames to get extra Rupees or items in Breath Of The Wild. However, some minigames offer more rewards than others.

The Legend of Zelda offers over a dozen minigames. While each one promises a prize, some are more rewarding than others. Many minigames can be replayed and offer various rewards, including Rupees and gear. These items are useful for Link’s adventures. These entertaining divertissements are great for making extra money when players need a break from their mission to rescue Hyrule and defeat Calamity Ganon.

Minigames have been an enjoyable distraction from the action ever since the Zeldaseries’ inception. Almost every game gives players the opportunity to earn valuable items or upgrades. Breath of Wild’s shield surfing mechanic was inspired by Twilight Princess’ Snowboard Racing minigame. Players could beat this game to earn a Piece of Heart. Zelda often integrates minigames into the game’s progression, so players must beat them at least once in order to advance through the story or discover new areas.
There are many ways to make money with 
Breath of Wild. But minigames are undoubtedly the best. They turn some of the best mechanics into challenging challenges that test Link’s abilities. For top scores, there are many minigames that give you a Gold Rupee that is worth 300 Rupees. Players will find one they enjoy returning to whenever they need a few more Rupees. These minigames offer the greatest rewards out of all the Breath Of The Wild.