in the past, my cousin took me to rock concerts when she was in a good mood. Two years older than I, played you already on the drums, as I practiced even Sonatinas on the piano, listened to music I liked, and so I shaped my taste according to your model until later, others came. The other day she told me about a Band whose name I had never heard of. I wondered. Our musical worlds were removed over the years from each other. What Apple Music recommends her not to get in the “Mix of the week,” Spotify me shows.

Elena Witzeck

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

music handset, the browse on online platforms, instead of endless Media market-and-CD-shelves to search if you are looking for a new artist, live in your own music taste bubbles that touch each other less and less frequently. Soundcloud artists, especially those in their private, improvised Studio cellars music for people like them, you never hear, if you don’t feel like style experiments. The question of what people hear out there is actually, therefore, can be not so easy to answer.

Smalltalk on the platform

Youtube light-like guidance is trying once again to a shock. The new platform for “Artists to Watch” before the music-Streaming service Youtube Music ten artists, “music fans in 2019, want to keep your eye”. The list was generated”, among other things,” from the clicking habits of users. There will be artists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and Australia – a kind of modern-day radio format, only of differentiated and trendy as the SWR is 3 or Antenne Bayern.

The ten recommended artists, Youtube has made a few new titles to the page of Oktoberfest-Hits (“Cordula Green”) about the songs that makes you wonder if the Song and band name are at the same time emerged with a Cup of chamomile tea on the Sofa (never, never, Never, “photo shelf”) up to quite a spectacular Fusion of dance pieces such as “You and Me”, the Hamburg-based Techno-Marching Band pack-rich and two hours and 55 minutes genre chaos velvet Videos summing – useful Material for the next graduation celebration, house Party or conversation, basis for the Wait in addition to angeödeten young people on the platform when the S-Bahn is down.

the Rough music, the Youtube for the observation worthy, be divided into three categories, in this order from expectable to disruptive: rock songs handsome, very young men with untidy hair (The Faim, Tom Gregory, Bruckner, Dean Lewis), Cloud, and Straßenrap (Kelvyn Colt, Mero) and very idiosyncratic empowerment songs, women (Ava, Max, Moli, Mathea).

In the first category, surprised after all, how little has changed since the last Millennium. The young men are singing and pleading with brittle voices, sometimes soft, sometimes urgent, will get the Fists clench and the hair of long-haired, delicate girl accompanied, and the consequences of them as a replacement for past boy band-times like ghosts and you without ceasing to think. The Faim, an Australian rock band from Perth, their lead singer Josh Raven in the case of fifteen bottles of Corona and a Joint at the millions of stars in the sky are singing, as you can just have the Australian Outback, then it will be dramatic, because the Cops must flee his Beloved and the Raven, observes: “So much fun, what a sad way to end.” Tom Gregory, long Board rider from the North of England, sings with “Honest” a woman, in whose presence he can drink, as long as he wants, without getting a hangover. In the music video, he smiles raptured. The fact that she makes it around-the-clock happy, goes back to the fact that they applauded him when you Open a bottle of wine and him not alone at night with a twinkling electric scooter ride home.

In the case of the German boys bands that have made it to the list, is the baseline scenario (longing or desperate love, thoughtful recapitulation of the common time) just the same, only with less Larmoyanz encounters more Ibuprofen: “And then you’re there,” observed the Regensburg Singer-Songwriter Jakob Bruckner, and: “Even if nothing stays the same forever, it will be for always.” Aha.