Last Thursday, Simon Wiefels’ Twitter was compromised-Account. Apparently not, in order to get its data, but its reach. The hacked data of politicians and Celebrities, for weeks unnoticed in the network of course, were spread about Wiefels’ Account again, and within hours the whole country knew about it. No wonder two million people follow on Twitter.

in Order to understand how Wiefels one of the most successful media creators in the country, you have to go into the year 2011. Wiefels leads a fairly ordinary life: He is 21, and for educator training, in his spare time, he likes to Longboard and play computer games – the most striking thing about him are his fire-red Dreadlocks. Only one of them is in his everyday life, even then, not normal: He is filming him, and snippets of it on the video platform Youtube, which is experiencing its heyday. Wiefels is sympathetic, he has entertainer qualities he has developed in his training, apparently, a sense of how to speak in an accessible manner, with children and young people, who form the bulk of his growing audiences. Soon, he makes his Hobby into a profession, is filming at the long Board rides and computer games and signs a contract with the production network of media power that, today, some 500 formats “in the program areas of entertainment, Information, Lifestyle, Gaming and Urban Culture” in his Portfolio.

increases The production level of Wiefels’ Videos; he is filming now just as he navigates through the digital world and with the audience chatting, but also hosts its own Events in the popular video Minecraft from game. On a Longboard Tour through Germany, he is accompanied by star Tv, after his public falling out with media power, he is making 2015 a trip around the world and his Fans about your own App to the vote, where he will drive next – from its destination, there are constantly new impressions on his Youtube channel. His self-selected Pseudonym of “Unge” has long since become his semi-official name.

more Than 700 million Times the Videos have been called “Unges” main channel now. Thus, it is still significantly behind the heavy weight of the German Youtube scene “Gronkh”, which computer in-game Videos were on the whole 2.8 billion times, but approximately in a League with the Youtuber “LeFloid” was allowed to run in 2015 as a representative of the Internet community after all, an Interview with the Chancellor.