the corona virus is proving to Finnish and Finnish health care the sustainability of the harder threat than hitherto estimated.

the Government has been negotiating since Monday, how corona virus spread most effectively slow the process.

Earlier it has been decided to cancel the big events, close schools and prohibit more than 10 personal meetings. THL estimates that they have slowed down the infection-wave progression. It is not enough, but more stringent action is coming.

yle of negotiations sources of information, estimates for the corona virus spread to Finnish conditions have deteriorated. This has happened, although people’s encounters are already diminished freedom of movement restricted because of the.

the Infection spreads faster than it was thought

Yle, according to the information the government has presented two different scenarios on how effectively an infected to spread the infection and how fast the infection wave passes through Finland.

a little over a week ago, the estimated lower infectivity of the figures have proved to be too optimal in. Already made due to limitations of the epidemic duration is thought to be prolonged.

the estimates are based on international data korona and and Health and welfare institute (THL) domestic knowledge of the spread of disease in Finland. The model you specify and change all the time.

the THL has so far not released to the government and the party leaders presented to figures, because the model is unfinished.

a new country can infect the rest of the country

in Order to infected the chances still would be reduced, the government decided that the restaurant should be closed. The case is currently being heard in parliament.

the Movement should be limited also in the Finnish regions. The government is looking for ways to save Finland from the new country spread out coronal-wave, or at least slow down the spread of the epidemic.

the new country the infection has spread rapidly, and carriers as well as diseased is more than the rest of Finland total. Yesterday, Tuesday, the infected was in a new land about 500, the whole of Finland is verified by testing a total of nearly 800 infected.

– the Curve will go like a rocket straight lines up, hus, ceo of Juha Import your image in the helsinki metropolitan area hospital the number of patients yesterday, Tuesday, A-studio.

the corona of the infected only a part of the sick, and the majority of them affected slightly. A small part of developing a more serious and some of them require intensive care. Some of the treatment is not effective but a small part of the patients died.

If the progress of the disease in Finland may be slowed, hospitals get a better handle serious cases of the disease.

heavy more intensive care can be scarce

Uusimaa has the population structure of different than most of the other Finnish. 1.7 million population is middle-aged younger and healthier than the rest.

the medical staff to help the corona virus in diseased Wuhan hospital intensive care unit in China 6. February.Yuan Zheng / EPA

If the infection from the strong spread of the new earth, the rest of the country, health care will have a really hard test. The rest of the country has proportionately more older and sicker population than in uusimaa. They more of get a disease the most serious form than healthier and younger.

Among the Finnish hospitals the chances the treatment would not be enough, if a large number of patients into intensive care at the same time. In the same premises where the treatment is a corona patients can not treatment of other intensive care patients in need.

Yle is estimated from various sources, that most of the shortage can come from the most heavy more intensive care, which is in practice very little new outside of the country.

Eristettävään area limit is calculated on board

English train the process of critical care, more nurses and change the other compartments of the power compartments. Equipment and staff is supposed to move according to how the disease will progress in different parts of Finland. It would therefore be vital that the infection does not get would still apply to the new earth, the rest of the country and the spread of contamination at all slow down.

the Government has cleared the situation with the pictures and possible actions. The purpose is that of infection to prevent the use of emergency act, section 118, in which the movement of people can be limited. Moving is however a fundamental right and no law shall be used, unless it is absolutely necessary.

that’s Why the whole new to isolation would be too generous. The calculations of the factors are now in a new land through the municipality at a time, so that demarcation can be made as carefully as possible.

How a new country isolation then to be monitored has not been finalized. Options is the soft control of the means of roadblocks. Still not decided on what criteria the border should not exceed.

the corona virus began to spread in China at the beginning of January. Politico magazine reviews (you move to another service) according to the 2.6 billion people around the world have been urged to stay in their homes, so the disease can be brought under control.

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minister of Defence: Servicemen traffic control in a few days – Helsinki is already preparing restraining

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