one Half of finns are satisfied with government recommendations and limitations of the corona virus epidemic in clear contempt of the economic study from a query.

23.-24.3. according to the survey 49% of respondents considered the government’s recommendations and restrictions appropriate and timely. 46% of respondents want the government even more stringent restrictions. 3% keep the current restrictions too tight.

Ilkka Kemppinen / Yle

based on the survey of younger (15-24 years) and older (65-79 years) are not in favour of stricter restrictions as strong as the other age groups. The differences, however, were not between the age groups particularly large.

the party position view answers

instead of the defendant party background seems to affect the opinions of the limitations. Survey respondents the true finns supporters, 75% said that they wanted to state more stringent measures.

left alliance supporters more stringent restrictions to only 29 per cent of the respondents. Also the SDP (32%) and green (34%) of the additional limitations support was relatively low. Centre (41%) and conservatives (47%) settled between two extremes.

economic research, research director Juho Rahkonen point out that the finns have insisted on all the time strict restrictions. He sees in the results indications that the kano crisis is a political issue coming to pass.

This is what happens, inevitably, when you start to notice that there is no single correct way to manage the crisis, he said.

Nearly all have restricted movement

Almost all finns say that they restricted movement in public places the corona virus. More than four out of five report that they restricted the movement very much or quite a lot.

Ilkka Kemppinen / Yle

based on the Survey, most have restricted movement in the metropolitan area live. Different-aged finns thus have done the most over the age of 65 years.

economic research interviewed by Yle assignment 1 805:in person 24.-25.3.2020. A survey was made of the internet panel, and the sample represents the Finnish adult population. The results were weighted by age, gender and place of residence according to the population statistics to match. The margin of error is about 2 percentage points in either direction.

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