yle of the economic study commissioned by the survey according to the Finnish view, the decision-makers and the authorities have done well in the corona of the crisis response.

according to the results of suopeimmin the people react to the president of the republic and the prime minister activities. The critical people were the opposition’s activities.

the Men assess the authorities and decision-makers to act on average more critical than women. More than 65 years, in turn, keep the government and the authorities of the activity to succeed than other age groups.

the president did the best of

according to the Survey, up to 89 per cent of finns have the president of the republic Sauli Niinistö action in a situation rather good or very good. In older persons this was even 96%.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

in Total, the president racked by the actions of Finnish best reviews and for example, more than 50 – year-olds with well over half considered the president’s performance very good. Men’s and women’s estimates did not have large differences.

the Prime minister performance the board even better

85% of the respondents considered prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) to cope with the situation of the treatment of quite well or very well.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

Women credit the prime minister was a man of a higher, 91% of female respondents have Sanna Marin activities at least fairly good. For men to think 78%.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

Particularly pleased with the prime minister’s actions were more than 65 years. Of them, 93 per cent of the prime minister has acted quite well or very well.

13% of citizens, respectively, see marin’s performing fairly badly or very badly.

the Government as a good number three

82% of respondents to the survey the Finnish experience of the government performing the corona virus situation on the management of the well.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

Women rely on the government for slightly more than men. About 87 percent of women hold government action as very or fairly good. In men, the corresponding figure was 77%.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

similarly, 17 per cent of finns see the government ministers cope with the situation until now, fairly badly or very badly.

the Elderly react to the actions of the government are more confident. Government action must be good or very good 89% of the over 65-year-old respondents.

the most Critical were 35-49-year-old working-age, 21 per cent felt the government acted badly or very badly the corona situation.

the Opposition criticism

the Government and the prime minister received citizens clearly better estimates than the opposition. About 62% of the respondents consider the opposition’s performance quite good or very good. Less than 20% of the citizens again were fairly or very dissatisfied with the opposition parties so far corona in a crisis.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

Men and women in the attitude of the opposition is not based on the survey to be significant differences, women from the quarter didn’t know how to assess the opposition to act in one direction or another.

health authorities in most critical assessments as to the government

Around 75 per cent of the respondents estimated that the health authorities, such as, for example, Health and welfare institute (THL) to cope with the situation so far quite well or very well. The figure is not bad, but the health authorities to target based on the survey of more criticism than the government.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

the most Dissatisfied with government actions, were 25-49 years of age. About one third of think THL.no performing situation quite or very poorly. Older people think this way, only 11 per cent.

more Confident health care authority activities were the elderly. Of them, 89 per cent of the authority’s performance as good.

Exceedingly well

in the Survey asked finns to evaluate also yle’s performance in a crisis situation so far.

of Survey respondents, about 89 per cent of yle’s performance fairly or very good. Very good action, while 39% of respondents, quite in favor of Excessive estimates about half of the finns.

Samuli Huttunen / Yle

most Satisfied with yle’s operation corona virus mode of reading was more than 50 years.

Yle explained the economic study do you tämässään survey citizens ‘ opinions about how the authorities are performing the corona virus situation. A survey was made of the internet panel and it responded 1805 person 24. -25.3. 2020. The survey margin of error is around 2% of the course.

Citizens were asked: How do the following actors do you think are performing the corona virus status, I do care in so far?

the Government

Prime minister

the Opposition

the president of the Republic



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