the Government considered it was already a week ago, should, for example, restaurants, nightclubs and bars close, when the gathering was limited. Yle’s data according to the closure was on the list, which the social – and health ministers presented the government parties led viisikolle.

on Thursday 12.3. the government banned over 500 people, events and recommended activities related to meetings and other close contacts to avoid. Monday 16.3. the government introduced heavy measures, decided to close the schools to a large extent and urged the more than 70-year-olds to stay in their homes. Also more than 10 person meetings were suspended.

the Social welfare and the ministry of health had cleared for several days, how the corona the spread of the epidemic can be delayed by reducing human encounters.

Yle government sources according to information received by the social welfare and the ministry of health ministers of the Krista Kiuru (sd.) and Aino-Kaisa Pekonen (left.) presented to the government parties led viisikolle package, which was presented to restaurants, nightclubs and pubs closing. They would be Excessive according to the information implemented in the movement to restrict capacity under section 118 of the season.

but the Matter does not progress the government after consultation forward.

STM:there was Excessive according to the data estimated that restaurants should close down. It was justified by, inter alia, that the sale of the restaurants practically the end anyway, when the gatherings will be limited.

Paragraph 118:aa was not exported to the state council for decision on Monday 16.3.

If the restaurant will be closed authorities by order, the company may receive compensation from the insurance.

finance minister Katri Kulmuni (kesk.) told today on Monday Yle, the Finnish movement likely to be limited more the beginning of the week.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) told Yle one in the morning on Saturday, that the government is prepared to limit the movement of the new earth, the rest of the country. Still Saturday, the situation does not, however, marin’s required by it.

Also, these movement restrictions would require emergency act, section 118 introduction and application settings. Also, these restriction proposal were in government featured a week ago, but not then taken forward.

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