In the case of protests of tens of thousands of supporters of the “yellow West”movement, it is in several cities in France, again, clashes here with the police. A AFP reported reporters, attacked protesters on Saturday in Paris near the city hall forces with stones and bottles. Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux had to leave due to some disorder of the demonstrators in his office. President Emmanuel Macron denounced the violence at the protests, across the country, 50,000 people involved.

“Once more, the Republic of extreme violence has been attacked,” wrote the Macron on Saturday evening in the short message service Twitter. He called for moderation and a return to dialogue. Also the Minister of the interior Castaner exhorted the protesters to rest. Each of them had a “responsibility” and must respect “the law,” he wrote in the Twitter.

In Paris, where about 4000 people took to the streets, it came after a peaceful Start of the protests in several neighborhoods to violent incidents. On the Boulevard Saint-Germain, several scooters, trash bins and a car were set on fire. On one of His bridge was when a COP bumps hurt.