those Who are in college, wants to surrender to a higher pension, to have for a long time to look at. That can take months, sometimes for more than a year to complete. “Unheard of”, says Member of parliament, Nahima Lanjri (CD&V), which is about the minister of Pensions Daniel Bacquelaine (MR), in which the tooth is felt. That is, it promises to verify that the number of civil servants that were assigned to the cases to deal with, but it is enough.

as for The government, Michael has decided, in 2017, that includes employees from the public sector, as civil servants, the trainee should be able to buy back. The afgekochte many years to count in the calculation of the amount of the pension. The application deadline is december 1, 2020. Each year, it should amount to 1,530 euros, to be paid for it. Vice versa, they will make a year, every year, a surplus of 273 euro’s gross tonnage or more in the payment of the pension.

Through the website and MyPension had 22.112 people to ask a question or request. At the end of August and had a 7.444 people have been answered. The number of verzakingen by the applicants themselves, and a refusal by the Service will be taken into consideration, there were, according to Lanjri at the end of August 11.765 of files in the queue to be seated. The problem is that the list is much longer, it also recognizes the minister Bacquelaine.

Years of waiting

The result of this is that the people months, sometimes even years, of waiting before they receive an answer from us. “Some of them have to be in november 2018, with a case or question to be submitted, and still not heard back from him. Well to inform you, it is self-evident that, because of the lapses of several years of study, which is often about a few thousands of dollars,” according to Lanjri, that is, the waiting time is unacceptable. “Each and every question and / or request should be done within one month and must be dealt with.”

The minister noted that the government’s budget that had been earmarked for the hiring of additional civil servants for the requests. He allows them to verify the number of persons for which it is assigned, is adequate. In accordance with the service time limits are mainly caused by the fact that, in certain cases, an appeal may be made to a third party. For example, it may be necessary that certificates are checked and tested before to be able to confirm whether they will be able to be resolved. In many of the records relates to the department of Defense for the details of the military service.

According to the Bacquelaine, the problem has nothing to do with the MyPension, but the backofficediensten the questions to deal with. In any case, just tap the clock, because the deadline to file is on december 1, 2020. In addition, it loses to the government, therefore, revenues, according to Lanjri. Surgery, to 80 million euros per year, but the counter would be at about 20 million euro.
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