Her father, king Philippe took the photo myself at home, in the garden, and she also had her input throughout the shoot. Crown princess Elisabeth is the first heir to the throne, in the history of the Belgian monarchy, that is, prior to her eighteenth birthday, a stamp will be given.

the Princess Elizabeth is next week, Friday, is eighteen. An important milestone in the life of every teenager. However, in her case, there is an extra dimension to the experience. Once the age of majority, she may from that day on, the queen of the Belgians will be the first woman to take the throne. At least In theory.

On the occasion of this historic event, Bpost will be a limited edition, official stamp of Elisabeth’s release. This is a picture of the princess in a white wedding dress used are made in the gardens of the royal castle of Laeken. For the photographer? No less a person than her father, Philip. “This shoot was a real father/daughter moment,” said paleisbronnen.

Photos: BELGA

“The king gets regular device on top. As a gifted photographer, he knew how to use his daughter in front of the lens was meant to taste. The princess took an active part in it. They had a couple of ideas and together with her father, she tried different things. In concert, they chose the best ones, that Bpost will have to cover.”

The idea for the stamp came from the post office, and the royal family was there to win. In the consultation, it was decided to use a picture that is as close as possible to the eighteenth birthday, had been taken. That took some organization and planning. Elizabeth is studying at an international school in Wales, where the college is. Only in the school holidays she returns to canada. The photo dates back to the easter break, it was six months ago.

“The king would be the eldest of his four children, as a teenager who’s firmly in the real life, the princess has grown into an adventurous, multi-lingual and sociable little girl” is heard in the Room. Although, in theory, to the throne, you can climb up, ” he said, in practice it may be another ten or perhaps even twenty, years are passing. “As a result, the king and the queen, the life of their oldest daughter, is not radically going to change.”

The postzegelblaadje of the Elisabeth Of 18. will be starting next week on Monday is available to buy in the shop from the post office or in the larger post offices. This is the second time that the princess’s own seal, to get. In 2002, on her first birthday, was she in a special issue, both with her parents as well as alone.

(Photo: fr Photo: fr Photo: THERE are More on the Princess Elisabeth, and Elisabeth will receive a stamp for 18th birthday, but that still needs to be kept secret) and crown princess Elisabeth for the first time in her school in Wales, and Also koningskinderen have to go to school for the first time at four different schools, the King He has a new coat-of-arms (and, of Elisabeth, will be there too)