• Observatory advises residents to wrap up warm for the Lunar New Year. Temperatures are expected to reach 12-15 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

  • This weekend will be cloudy with occasional rain at night.

    Next week, Hong Kong will be celebrating the Year of Tiger. It will experience cold, windy and rainy weather as a result of a coming cold front.

    According to Friday’s forecast by the Observatory, the cold front will move northwards along the coast of China’s southern Guangdong Province between Saturday night and Sunday. This should bring down temperatures in the region.

    A cold weather warning was issued at 4.20pm Saturday. This means that the minimum temperature for urban areas will be about 12 degrees Celsius. It will also affect high ground and the New Territories.

    The combined effects of a winter storm will make it cold, cloudy and rainy in the region of southern China’s coast from Monday through the following day.
    Kok Manghin, the Observatory’s acting scientific officer, stated that without much sunlight during the day you might feel quite cold.

    It is likely to be cloudy and rainy this weekend. On Sunday, temperatures will be between 12 and 16° Celsius (or 53.6 and 60.8 Fahrenheit), with moderate east-to-northerly winds.

    In urban areas, the temperature will be between 12-16 degrees and several degrees lower in New Territories.

    The mercury will move between 12 and 15 degrees on Tuesday Lunar New Year’s Day, but it will warm up the next day, with temperatures between 13-16 degrees.

    The temperatures will drop to 12-15 degrees on Thursday, the last day of the holiday.