Raphaël Nuzzolo – Xamax striker wants season crash and LigaaufstockungDer veteran is the first Super League player, has committed himself publicly against the spirit of the games. And brings the same improvements.Laura Inderbitzin8 Kommentare8Hier speaks Nuzzolo for the season crash.Video: SRF Sport via Instagram

While in the League already played, the decision as to season, crash or the spirit of the games in Switzerland. Now a Super League player of the reports but for the first time publicly to speak and takes a position. “I see no point in continue playing”, argues Raphaël Nuzzolo for a crash.

The Xamax veteran who has played in the highest League 380 matches, says in a live interview with SRF on Instagram: “The TV revenues in Switzerland are not as high as in Germany, for example.” Only or main reason to continue playing, not worthwhile in this country accordingly.

not voted with Lugano, Sion and Xamax entire Clubs for a crash, single player dared to so far. The former young boys striker goes one step further and provides suggestions for improvement for the League.

Raphaël Nuzzolo plays a total of almost 15 years for Xamax, only from 2011 to 2016, he made a detour to the Young Boys.Photo: Urs Lindt/fresh focus

“We are looking for years, something that is good for the Swiss football that could improve it,” says the 36-Year-old. Now is a good time to change something. “You could increase the League to 12 or 14 Teams,” he suggests, “it would be for me, the currently best solution, and then you could start again in September with football games.” Only about a month ago the club had rejected an increase to 12 teams.

His proposal had, however, nothing to do with it, that Nuzzolo is at risk with the nine tplatzierten Xamax descent, and with an increase in could save. The accused him again and again. “But if I descend really scared, then I would not be returned to YB to Xamax. I’ve been playing for 15 years against relegation, this is in my DNA”, so the red-and-black veteran.

An increase would only be for the good of the Swiss League, so Nuzzolo. He says: “of Lausanne would have earned a place in the Super League to ascend. And also Vaduz or GC … but since you would have to look then.”

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