When Floyd Mayweather talked about a year ago, the whole world about it, as the Boxer had won 50 fights in the series. Frank Stäbler writes that he could carry his winning streak after the most recent defeat in the Jerbst 2016 also quiet in the world of wrestling. “I recently got the note that I can reach such a number. I was now fixated on it, because I always want to think only of the next battle and the next challenge. But a little bit proud I must be to such a not-so-everyday performance,“ says the best and most successful German wrestler of the past quarter of a century. In the German rings, there are no reliable statistics, Stäbler could assure.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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But all of his sources he interviewed in the past few weeks, be sure, that not even the “crane of Schifferstadt” Wilfried Dietrich or a German ring legend, to have achieved such a winning streak. At the final hinkampf to the German team championship, the 29-year-old Schwabe for his club Red Devils Heilbronn against Wacker Burghausen won the Fight now after eleven world Championships, nine duels at international tournaments, six meetings in the German Championships and 23 League fight against Matthias Maasch with 4:0 points.

Against the largest competition

The opponent was a fit, because he had to overcome his ring’s “brother” on the Mat. Stäbler and Maash are for ages a training partner and are so close that the champion of the world, has awarded a three-year-older competitors a large proportion of its Successes. “So I hate to go against my friend on the Mat, it is so beautiful, of course, that he was a part of this anniversary,” says Stäbler. The Beat, the one with the narrow defeat, with only two out of a possible four team points after all, its part contributed to his hometown club Burghausen, thanks to a 14:13-Hinkamfsieges in front of 1500 spectators sold-out Heilbronner hall in a good position for the defence of the title in the rematch in their own hall, meanwhile, is full of praise for his Vanquisher.

“That Frank loses in the League, no fight, this is understandable, and speaks above all for his ability to motivate yourself for every fight, even if it is so important,” says Maasch. “But for his Performance at the three world Championships, the superlatives are missing to describe it.” In the highest weight category up to 130 kg or in the case of the very light weight wrestlers such dominance is quite usual, since there is naturally less competition. “But Frank does his own thing in the weight area where there are the most world-class wrestler,” says Maasch. All the more to admire the successes in the weight classes up to 66 and 71 kilograms.