Wreck of a giant freighter: warning for the island of Borkum and the waste Container


    After the wreck of a giant freighter in the North sea could be flushed on Thursday for more of the 270 fallen overboard containers on Land. According to information from the Central command for Maritime emergencies in Cuxhaven, at least one of them will contain dangerous goods. The Dutch coast guard of at least three containers with a hazardous substance.

    special attention at the East Frisian coast to the island of Borkum, was deposed on Wednesday evening a warning message. It is possible that the Container or released hazardous substances into the country, it said in a about the Warning and information system Katwarn common message. “Do not open the Container or to substances released touch,” warned the district of Leer. “Should you discover a Container, please immediately to the emergency control centre, telephone 112, report.”

    for the ship to transport the Container pose a risk. “In the night, the Ems fairway was blocked to the West of the island of Borkum temporarily,” said a spokesman for the Central command for Maritime emergencies on Thursday. So it should be prevented that ships could RAM floating in the water Container. The search for the remaining fallen overboard containers was taken in the Morning after sunrise.

    journey to the port without any incidents

    “The final number of containers will only become apparent in the census in Bremerhaven,” said the spokesman. This could take a few days. The Cuxhaven Central command for Maritime emergencies were declared after consultation with the crew of the freighter that at least one of the Container of dangerous goods containing it – namely, Dibenzoyl peroxide, used in the production of plastics.

    Dibenzoyl peroxide is used for the curing of resins or as a bleaching agent for Oils, fats and waxes. It is usually sold in paste or powder form and can explode in an extreme case in extreme heat.