the CEO Wouter Devriendt leave Dexia, “in order to have an international career and a new direction for them. The best in the restbank in the dismantling, in a press release. Bart Bronselaer, takes temporary charge while the search for a successor to run.

Devriendt, will follow in 2016, and location of The Book on it. He was already well versed in the Dexia case, and it was in the body of the Greek banks after the crisis, is back on the track to help. The mandate of the Devriendt, ran for a couple of months.

The board of directors, thank Devriendt, for his “commitment and the passion with which he enter on the execution of the orderly resolution plan of a higher level of has made. Under his leadership, the size of the Dexia has more than halved. “Time and time again failed to Wouter has managed to exceed expectations in spite of the extremely complex challenges that are unique to the dismantling of Dexia.”

in addition, Dexia is what is left of the former Dexia group in 2011, was certain that there was. The former Bank labouchere / Dexia Bank of Belgium, where the group will be lifted and re-named to Work. The restbank Dexia has since been working on self-build.

More about Dexia and Arco topvrouw claims to the $ 2.6 million compensation of Employees-account holders of Dexia wants to be rid of the stock Alternative scheme, Consists of never in Europe have been reported due to the fall of the government in the Dexia finalises sale of German bank