as of Friday, the Koppenbergcross is the first real classic in the cyclo-cross riding. Currently, however, it is focused on the up-standing reforms. Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel will have for the first time, commented on the fuss about. To agree with the reforms, however, are good, though they may still have their doubts.


– Sven Nys: “What is happening now is, in the long term, the death of our sport,”

the Reform and upgrading of world Cup, with organizers for a commotion,

In a cross-country going is currently an intense debate about the reforms, which are to be set off alone. The UCI wants to make the world Cup, to upgrade, to which there will be many more races to ride and the Sunday will be co-opted. Among others, the former world champion, is a fierce opponent, and fear for the future of the other regelmatigheidcriteriums.

If as is-we better all behálve the world cup, drive,”:

“I have to catch on that many of the organizers have not been heard. If that’s the case, it is very a pity”, says Wout van Aert is located in the Festival for the first time, the reforms in the Country. “People are concerned about the survival of their race.”

“apart from that, I think, as a supercompetitie is a good idea, and if they do, the business model is the cup system. Now let’s get you 5000 euros if you have a team to cross wins. If that amount of money is people like, Mathieu and all of behálve of the fei world cup driving, due to the lack of startgelden, eds.). The reform will only be successful if there is at the same time, the more money can be pumped. Eli Iserbyt said it well: we allow money to be the vrouwencross of the economy. There is nothing to do on the women, some of them come from other fields, because of the cross, a lot of money . However, if we are men, the same effect would like to create, we must also address. A road cycling championships will pick up even feel more like a criterium than a cross.”

“Well, which reviewed the world cup, I have to be honest I haven’t really thought about…”, replied Mathieu van der Poel, in his typical nonchalant manner, in The Stands and on Radio 1. “The arguments of proponents and opponents will have the right, but I haven’t been doing.”

A major point of criticism is that there is very little discussion took place between the Flanders Classics organisation, on the one hand, and to the organisers, and the riders on the other side. “Personally, I haven’t heard that,” confirmed Van der Poel. “It’s always nice when the riders will have something to say, but you should always assume that it is in the best interest of the sport, it is done. There is, however, a very drastic about it, but I think it does not. There is really a lot of fuss about nothing, because there is as yet nothing is decided or announced. But they don’t always even have to call.”

The world Cup is counting, of course, with the participation of Van Aert and Van der Poel, as the standard bearers of the sport. “Well, if it fits into my schedule, but the genuine nature of who they are, once again, to adapt it to the world cup classification, it is just to get as many riders as would like to commit to go to America to travel, and I think that is the wrong attitude. However, there are some teams that their sponsors have an interest in it, but I stand by my point of view on the globalisation of the sport, and that is that we are the first in Europe, the sport is great to create and then oversee to a look. And then it may be that a world Cup might be a good plan.”

“No one is happy that they have the money to take it away”

another controversial topic is currently the startgelden, which could reduce the the. “No one is happy that they are taking money from,” says Van der Poel. “However, with the entry fee and the prize money is more for me as well, actually. (ha-ha), It is, after all, also the more you will be rewarded for what you’re doing. And that’s what happens in many other sports, there’s even a little bit, so be it. Like in tennis, where they have a salary but on a per event to be paid for, depending on how far you hit it. That is, it is said to be in the correct way. But as long as there is beautiful and we would highly recommend to stay, it’s all good.”

“It’s a system of startgelden is seriously skewed,” says Van Aert. “As soon as you get to a certain status, you will get a nice amount of money, regardless of your performance. In the last few years, I’ve always ridden to the finish line. But why is that? Of the first, second, or fifth, it was: it didn’t matter that much. It doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, I know of a cross, how much he will be able to make it in the winter. And this is why the cross is also as popular as ever. It is just a very lucrative sport. If you want to reform the basis of merit not on the decline. You can’t say: we are a team of sixteen of the crosses, but what is a rider in evidence of the winter half of the year.”

It is the proliferation of crosses and the results of the sport, undermine it, however, is not to be denied. “The reason why the reform is good”, concludes Van Aert. “For now, every single cross on the tv, and each and every cross is important to made. In road racing there is a clear chain of command. It would be as good as the Dauphine, suddenly, just as important, it would have been like in the Tour de france.”

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