in time for the Biathlon world Cup, the snow had ceased to fall, had held in the past two days, the clearing of snow and ice in the Thuringian forest, and the Squad in the Arena at the Rennsteig in breathing. Maybe the one or other Fan had capitulated before the winter weather velvet smooth roads. 9000 spectators on Thursday at the Sprint of the women in the snowy, Oberhofer Biathlon center, since you have already seen more impressive Scenes.

Claus Dieterle

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

Perhaps the home had remained but an idea. Laura Dahlmeier weakened still in training, Vanessa Hinz, Maren Hammerschmidt, the entire season out of action – there’s a lot of quality missing in the German Team. Nevertheless, the greatest pessimists would not have expected this as well, Karolin Horchler would land on Thursday as the best German Skijägerin at the end of the 7.5 km, including the two shootings on rank 34 101 biathletes. It was a bitter, in this Dimension, not to expected disappointment.

And while in the front, the Italian Lisa Vittozzi enjoyed her first world Cup victory thanks to a hundred percent hit rate, the error-free Anais Chevalier (France) and Hanna Oeberg (Sweden), licked away by the shot of the German St ski hunter their wounds. Denise Herrmann on square 36, Franziska Hildebrand, 40., Nadine Horchler directly behind it, Franziska Preuß at 45. What is still participating in the persecution this Saturday. Only the young Anna ryegrass at Position 80 is on the outside.

it Was a drum: a collective failure, no one had expected. It was in front of a private audience. Each brings their problems with them. The Horchler sisters and Anna Weidel met while nine out of ten discs, ran after but far. And the Rest was at the shooting range, too many mistakes to play somehow a role in the classification. Who as Denise Herrmann – the four discs are also the best runtime does not help.

it has, however, chief national coach Mark Kirchner has not yet formulated on Wednesday: “Oberhof is always a second, smaller fresh start.” In the Thuringian forest, the second world Cup Trimester in the Biathlon traditionally begins, and doesn’t know how to him about Christmas and new year the Balance between Regeneration and rebuilding has been a success. The first impression of the German women is sobering. This one had great expectations after the first Trimester was disappointing.

Already, the talk is of crisis, and Kristian Mehringer, has trained the German St ski hunter indoor for this season, together with Florian Steirer, must answer. “We had a lot made,” says the 37-year-old Bayer, “especially with Denise, we have had the expectation for the podium part of it. In running terms, it was not okay, the shoot was good. You exactly can’t do what you practiced in the last few weeks in Training: slow rhythm, the error, and then the uncertainty. This is a great pity.“