Jonathan Sacoor has settled on Tuesday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha and qualified for the semi-finals in the 400 meters.

The 20-year-old Sacoor was in the sixth, and final, series of the second in 45.32, after the Kenyan runner, Emmanuel Korir (45.08). The young Belgian has a personal best time of 45.03. This year, he ran the distance of 45.31. Only the top three in each of the six series, which reached the semi-finals, as six of the fastest losing times.

now, With the timing of 45.32 overall Sacoor for the tenth time in the series. Kirani James of Grenada, the 44.94 in the shortest amount of time at the tables.

in The semi-finals will follow on Wednesday, and the battle for the medals is on Friday’s schedule.

“I know, I’m still faster”, said the 20-year-old Belgian. “I knew that I was in the top three and had to finish in order to instantly advance to the semi-finals. I left it very fast (reaction time of 0.162, ed.). and it held up well until the end of the second turn. In the last straight line, and I lost some speed. It can only get better, and I know that I’m still faster. In the final match? We’ll have to see, I focus only on myself,” said Sacoor.

Photos: BELGA < / P> Claes reached the semifinals for the 400m hurdles

Hanne Claes, has on Tuesday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha and qualified for the semi-finals in the 400-meter hurdles. Every Couckuyt survive the series, don’t.

The 28-year-old Claes, with a personal best time of 55.20, was the fourth series for the sixth time in 55.68. The top four from each of the five series, reached the semi-finals, as the four fastest losing times. Claes was its timing, on the sixteenth of the series, was fished up, which makes them doorstoot. In the Us, Sydney McLaughlin, in 54.45 for the first time in the first round.

The 22-year-old Couckuyt ended up in the third set, the sixth-in 57.15. Couckuyt, with a new personal best of 55.46, was killed as 32 (of 36) in the series.

in The semi-finals will follow on Wednesday, and the battle for the medals is on Friday’s agenda.

the American Lyles picks up a world title at 200 meters, called Brazier celebrate to 800

now, as The American Noah Lyles did at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha, and the world title, conquered in the 200 meters. His fellow countryman, Donavan Brazier, trained, and in time to come, according to Alberto Salazar, took to the gold medal in the 800 metres.

The 22-year-old Lyles made his role and where and is the winner of 19.83. Canadian Andre De Grasse (19.95) came up with the silver medal in the lift. – The Ecuadorian Alex Quiñonez took the bronze medal (19.98). The Turkish title holder Ramil Guliyev (20.07) ended in fifth place behind britain’s Adam Gemili (20.03).

In the 800m, and kept Brazier in 1:42.34, and a world cup-record of the Bosnian Amel Tuka (1:43.47) against him. The Kenyan, Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich (1:43.82) seized the bronze.

Photo: REUTERS < / P> the Brothers ends up in the final, pole vault, if in the twelfth:

If the Brethren on Sunday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha in the final of the pole vault, as in the twelfth, and last, at an end. The American Sam Kendricks extended his world championship title.

the Brothers had immediately problems with the altitude, but it was three-time past 5m55. Then it was the three miss to 5m70.

The 24-year-old Brothers came up with a leap over 5m70 just in time for the finals with the twelve. The Belgian designer, with a personal best of 5m76, shared the eleventh place from the qualifications with the German Bo-Kanda Lita Baehre.

the Temptations went on 5m97, which was enough for the gold medal. Also, While Armand Duplantis got that high, but in a more flawless race. The Pole, Piotr Lisek (5m87) took the bronze.

Achillespeesblessure love, Elaine Thompson, from the semi-finals 200m

Elaine Thompson, at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in default of appearance leave to go to the semi-finals of the 200 metres in length. The 27-year-old Jamaican has troubles with a sore achilles tendon.

Thompson won the Olympic Games in 2016 in both the 100-meter and 200-meter gold. In Doha, she was in the women’s 100m to settle for fourth place. Her compatriot Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce picked up on the song’s title.

the Australian wins world title in javelin-throwing

The Australian, Kelsey-Lee-Barber was located on Tuesday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha to the world champion will be crowned in the javelin.

The 28-year-old Barber, came out with her sixth and final attempt to 66m56. They did this to the Chinese, Shiying Liu (65m88 behind him. Huihui Lyu (65m49), the other being the Chinese, the stage is full of.