Thomas De Bock, will start Saturday night at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Doha at the start. “It will be a survival of the fittest”, says he, two days before the race and move forward.

Due to the extreme weather conditions (30 degrees c and a relative humidity of 75%), a very well-established names in the world-marathon-shoot. Among others, the European champion, Koen Naert and belgium’s Bashir Abdi were not included in the Qatari capital. Bock signs do as well. “I am really looking forward to this unique experience,” he says.

in order For The Bock is only the fourth marathon of his career after that of Antwerp in the last year and in Berlin and London this year. In the British capital, he noted a time of 2h14:45 pm. The Belgian women working in their world cup race already, and Manuela Soccol, with whom he was a coach, Tim Moriau share, he was given a few tips in mind. “You must be quiet and depart, as you race to build up and coming.”

in Terms of time and treasure to The Bock, not a goal. “But it may well be the place. During the world cup, there will always be opgevers here, that will be the case.”

The marathon runner has been all of eleven days in order to get used to the conditions. Last Sunday night he went off for 23 of eighteen miles. “At the end, I had a headache, and I slept badly.”

To make the 42,195 km will be able to survive in The Into a vest-wearing, with good elements, that is, he each and every half an hour it will change. In addition, he has a pet bear with ice cubes, and there will also be ice cubes, in tins & drink cans sitting there. “Anyway, it is very difficult, as a survival of the fittest”, he concluded.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Hordeloopster Anne Zagré for a sixth world cup participation:

Anne Zagré will take in the Doha round for the sixth time part at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics (in the open). Saturday, the end of the 100-meter hurdles with the program. As pubalgie the pipeline is in the war and sent all his ambitions are modest. “The conditions here are not ideal, but I have also not hesitated to go to this world cup to come”, says the 29-year-old Zagré on Thursday again. “Every game I’m going to give it their all. We’ll have to see what it is.”

The last three world championships, took a Zagré, each of the semi-finals. That will be the goal. “It would be great if I had my “season” should be able to walk,” said Zagré, which, among 12.96 to dive, with a timing that they are on the 30th of June in La Chaux-de-Fonds was.

the following year, in Tokyo, for the third time in the Games, and to be able to take part in it, has Zagré 12.84, or have them count in the rankings. “I’ve been several times, 12.84 him. But here, I think it is not going to happen. I’ve got no credentials.”

“She misses competition rhythm,” notes her coach, Jonathan Nsenga. “But her form is on an upward curve, in contrast to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2017 in London. That is a positive thing.”