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Bekaert confirms that on Wednesday it is aware of the locations in Zwevegem (Moen, Deerlijk, and Ingelmunster. Almost all of the workers following the strike on the. The staaldraadreus was announced in march of this year, the restructuring, where 250 jobs would be eliminated in this country.

The negotiations between the management and the trade unions were, until now, difficult. For that reason, the trade unions called for a strike.

Thursday is a meeting scheduled with the board of management and the trade unions at Bekaert. The vakbondsfront demanded by the management as a signal that the meeting is to be meaningful, it would have been. In the final dialogue at the end of August, according to the unions, not the. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the trade unions, or take part in the discussion. However, they hold a 24-hour general strike.

More about Bekaert prime example of Bekaert, “Only to the whims of the shareholders count,” even In the two days, 500 jobs, and the end is not yet in sight: “We are going into a period of restructuring,” Staff at Bekaert Belgium big the job is, “It’s bad, I know. That was on the radio to hear”