Some users reported issues

Theversion of Wordle was launched by the New York Times on Thursday . However, has been messy like many big video game launches these day. There have been a number of issues reported, but the most serious was the fact that win streaks didn’t transfer from the Wordle URLs to Wordle URLs on the Times. This was despite the promise made by the Times after it bought the popular word puzzle creator Josh Wardle. We reached out to Jordan Cohen, the spokesperson for the Times, to find out more about what was going on.

The Times discovered a problem with users’ current streak information shortly after Thursday’s launch. Cohen explained that the Current Streak of these users was being reset to 1 after they had completed the Wordle redirect. He also said that the Times fixed the problem around 7 PM ET on Thursday. We confirmed that this solution was working for users who visited The New York Times Wordle page following the release of the fix. Their Current Streak wasn’t being reset to 1.

This wasn’t the only problem. “We then focused our attention on the Current Streak reset issue that users visited Wordle between 2:45 p.m. ET. Cohen stated that the current Streak reset issue for users who visited em>Wordle between 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Eastern Time was addressed. “Later that night, we released a fix for this set of users and confirmed that it worked in that state. Users must complete Friday’s Wordle. They may need to refresh their browser.

The Times stated that as of Friday, “stats, streaks, should be carried over for most” players. However, Cohen did say that he was aware of some user reports and is currently investigating these issues.

Cohen noted that your stats are stored on your device’s local storage — the Times does not have them. He stated that this data was not stored in the database of Josh Wardle and it is not stored by The New York Times. “The data is stored locally on the user’s device and associated with their browser and the URL they visited to play the game.”

Cohen shared some tips (emphasis mine) if you still have problems with your streaks and stats.

To preserve streaks and stats, users must open the URL they used last time they played Wordle. They will be automatically redirected to The New York Times Wortle page. This will carry their streaks and stats. Users who go directly to The New York Times Wordle Page without a redirect will not have their streaks .

Users have also encountered additional problems. Wordle users have reported that they were stuck on a blank page when they were redirected to the Times Wordle page. The Times reached out to those who emailed at for help with troubleshooting. Cohen stated that “we are seeing promising results.”

He said that some Wordle users may encounter a repetition of the same puzzle Friday, even though they have solved it before. Cohen said that resolving the same puzzle will not “meaningfully affect [users] streaks”, but it may allow you to solve another one for free.

You can contact the Times if you still have problems. It seems determined to solve your problems. After all, it’s not as intimidating as angry word puzzle players sending you a string of rambling emails.