In China the spread of images of an aggressive, customer-located access to the internet. One woman went all the way around the bend, after another customer by accident, and against her leaders. They dragged her to the ground, punched her, and threw it out, even with the wood to her. But it was the other customers do not bother it was to eat and continue tokkelde on their mobile devices.

In the first instance, continued to be, the woman was still calm, but a few seconds later, she and the other women in the aggressive way to attack them. The incident didn’t last long, but no man laid hands on. On the contrary, in the background, we can see how a man, straight of the ship, and themselves, a little bit more that will entertain, as they are the “aggressive” actions are seen. “The attacker” walked out as if nothing was going on.

in the end, the woman is arrested and put in fifteen days in custody, according to local police.

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