Woman strike in Basel – Green national councillor Sibel Arslan of police abgeführtIn Basel, the woman’s strike to a clash between the police and demonstrators. A national councillor is taken by the police officers.0 comment here is a national councillor is discharged Sibel Arslan after a discussion with the Basel police.Video: Bajour/Twittter

A year after the historic women’s strike on Sunday took place in numerous Swiss cities rallies. Hundreds of women demonstrated in Zürich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne and Bellinzona. In Zurich and Basel, it came to occupations.

In Basel, around 500 women blocked shortly before 15.30 the Middle of the bridge, in order to demonstrate there and to dance.

The police was with a larger array of on-the-spot. Twice the protester called on the inside, the police officers, from the Middle of the bridge “run”. The cortege moved to the University hospital, to send the nursing staff a “solidarity and combative greetings”.

“I convey the wanted”

Around 16.45 PM, the police blocked the Johanniter bridge and controlled towards the evening, some 300 people in the unauthorised rally. The Basler news portal “Bajour” writes that the officers dragged some protesters.

Like a Video on Twitter also a member of the Swiss Parliament shows. Sibel Arslan is picked up by two police officers in full regalia. According to the “Bajour” was the national councillor as a facilitator on-site.

you attempted to reach an agreement between the police and the demonstrators – but without success. Arslan says to “Bajour”: “I wanted to be neutral between the two parties to communicate, so I will say nothing now. But I will continue to monitor the Situation critical.”

Arslan escapes buses

police spokesman Martin R. Schütz says the incident that some participants would have refused to control. “In such a dynamic Situation, police woman member of the Swiss Parliament Sibel Arslan of the Target have carried away some meters. She was arrested nor fined.”

According to the protective action of the police was relatively. Most of the participants, a Fine threat. And: “The Prosecutor’s office of Basel-city will be prosecuted to the wire drawing inside and behind it, as well as those individuals who have the behavior in the control of uncooperative.”

confrontation in Basel.Photo: Mark Rutten


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