The Kiron-University wants to bypass the bureaucracy.Regardless of your German language skills and your residency status, refugees are not allowed to register here.

Still, it sounds like an Experiment to implement the 25-year-old Markus Kessler and his Partner. They founded the Kiron University, students can enroll, where access to a German University would first remain once denied.

At this University should be able to launch the refugees, and regardless of whether your asylum status has been recognized or not. Also, the lack of knowledge of German is no obstacle to admission.

First Semester begins in October

“We want to give refugees access to education, because Integration starts with education,” writes Kessler on the project page. So far, there are no good solutions, to integrate refugees.

In October, the first 1000 students to start in one of the five disciplines that the University offers. The first two years, students in Online courses will mainly be held in English learning. So you have enough time to deepen your knowledge of German.

donations wanted:

A certificate must not issue the Kiron University, because it is not recognised by the state. However, after the first two years, students can go to a partner University and your degree. Yet other universities have stated that in addition to the Leuphana University, Kiron students after the third year.

The Only thing that is missing is the two Visionary money. A Student costs the University about 400 Euro in the year. In order to realize your dream, you need for the first degree program of 1.2 million euros. The money you want to save on a Crowdfunding Page.

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