Withdrawal of the Initiative more difficult – the Council of States slows down the claims of the nursing staff, the author of the care initiative fromthe hoped in vain that the Council of States met, under the impression of the Corona, with the crisis in their main demands. The initiators rely on the national Council.Markus Brotschi0 KommentareDas nursing staff is still waiting for more attractive working conditions. Photo: Reto Oeschger

the representatives of the care initiative, would be able to draw your people’s desire for the loved one as quickly as possible. Because if the Parliament complies with the main demands on the Gesetzesweg with an indirect counter-proposal, will improve the working conditions of the nursing staff quickly. It comes, however, with the people’s vote on the articles of the Constitution, it still takes years.

The national Council had made the initiators in December with his counter-proposal hopes: So he decided that Nursing professionals can provide certain services directly without a doctor’s prescription the funds in the account. Which is an important demand of the Initiative to the appreciation of the nursing profession. The Council of States is limited, however, on Wednesday this new expertise: The care professionals must first complete the health insurance companies a contract before they can settle. Thus, the nurses with the Doctors again at a disadvantage. Because for Doctors is that the funds must put them all under the Treaty which satisfy the conditions.

No, the total contracts of employment

The second important point is the promotion of qualified care professionals who complete a degree at a College or a higher technical school. The national Council has decided a Federal contribution to the cantons of 469 million francs in order to promote such training during eight years. At the same time, he obliged the cantons to make their financial contribution as well. The Council of States reduced the Federal contribution to 369 million and waived an obligation for the cantons to the funding of Education. From the point of view of the initiators of an obligation of the cantons is mandatory, so that, for example, the wages can be increased during the diploma training so that the financial statements of a College or a higher technical school are more attractive.

In two other points, both the Council of States, as well as the national Council were so far behind the demands of the care initiative. This requires that hospitals and nursing homes total work contracts, in order to improve the working conditions of the staff. In addition, the cantons should adopt binding guidelines, in order in all nursing homes have enough staff hired and so the Overload is prevented. Both, the Parliament rejected in the past. The indirect counter-proposal now goes back to the national Council. If this is the end, could pull back the initiators their desire, even if the last two points in the non-regulated counter-proposal is binding. The Parliament has until may 2021 time, to agree to the proposal.

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