The British Parliament on July 15. January through the tedious out of Brexit were to vote agreement with the European Union. The BBC reported on Monday citing government circles on Twitter. The BBC Journalist Norman Smith wrote in a Twitter message, “sources” from the government had confirmed to him that the vote on Tuesday should be done next week.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May had to be postponed the vote in December in the short term, after a clear defeat, for their Deal had been signed. As a new appointment, the government had the week from 14. January.

Meanwhile, more than 200 MPs have called on the Prime Minister in a letter, to ensure that the country will not retire without an agreement from the EU. As the powers signatory of the document, both adherents, and opponents of a Brexits, clearly, they feared the loss of jobs in the case of an unjust exit from the European Union, the BBC reported. The deputies had been invited Tuesday to a conversation with Theresa May.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May again appealed to the Parliament to vote for the Brexit Treaty. Otherwise, the threatened economic damage and the confidence in democracy is dwindling. The UK is facing a “profound challenge,” wrote May in the newspaper “Mail on Sunday”.

The head of government was confirmed on Sunday in a BBC Interview that the vote in Parliament expected on may 14. or 15. January going to be. So far, the speech had usually something of a General of the third week of January. The parliamentarians will debate starting on Wednesday about the between May and Brussels negotiated agreement.

A majority for the agreement is still not in sight. Originally, the vote was already on 11. December planned. May had postponed the date but because of the impending defeat. In the case of an uncontrolled separation of the EU on 29. March, threaten the UK chaotic conditions in many areas.

A new YouGov poll shows that less than a quarter of the British people supports the plans of the Prime Minister. The Online survey of more than 25,000 persons have been made on behalf of the campaign for People’s Vote, which campaigns for a second Brexit Referendum. May has repeatedly ruled out a second referendum vehemently, and so far always with the will of the people justified.