The American President Donald Trump is not “has been defended on Thursday his decision for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and to understand that the United States be the policeman of the Middle East”. The decision, from Syria to deduct was not a Surprise, said Trump in the short message service Twitter. For this, he’ll kick for years.

In his Tweet, he posed the rhetorical question of whether the United States, “a COP wanted to be in the Middle East” and “get nothing except the loss of precious lives and thousands of billions of dollars”. The American army shooter, moreover, people who do not know this “in most cases”. “We want to stay there forever? It is time to fight for others, now.“

“say, unlike the Fake News, Russia, Iran, Syria and many others are not happy about it, go to the United States,” tweeted Trump. Because now you would have “the IS and others that you hate, without us to fight”.

Trump announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of some 2000 American soldiers from Syria. The withdrawal could have a significant impact on the balance of forces in Syria, where a rival to the United States, such as Russia and Iran in the past few years, a great deal of influence have won. He also represents the survival of the Kurdish militias in question, the fighting there so far, with the support of the United States against the IS.

In the case of the Anti-IS combatants allies, such as Germany, France and the UK, the decision has been criticized. Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas showed out of Trumps step unpleasantly surprised. “There is a risk that the consequences of this decision jeopardize the fight against the IS damage and reached
success,” he said.

Similarly critical of the Greens expressed foreign politician Omid Nouripour. “The Americans have so far played a Central role in bringing the Iranians to stop, to go directly to the Israeli border,” he said on Thursday on the radio program SWR-of-date. “If the Americans are gone, it is also in the South, highly dramatic.” The Green politician added: “We just need to come as a German, now also with the Israelis about the security situation and possible escalation of risks to the conversation. We must bring all our weight there, if we want to play a future role in the shaping of Syria, so that the country can be permanently pacified.“