Viktor Verhulst, has for weeks bombarded with criticism on social media about his performance as a dancer in the program, “Dancing with the Stars,” but yet, he is now in the semi-finals. “Thank you dad”, to insinuate some of to help the presenter, Gert Verhulst, but that’s to deny, both to the jury, when the court bailiff are officially The Latest News. And of Verhulst, in itself, that is don’t let it get to his heart.

in The comments, on social media, has been for several weeks, hard, but still dancing Verhulst Sunday, in the semi-finals. At the expense of, for example, Ianthe Tavernier, and Ann Pira, weeping bitterly, and stated that its elimination of unjust thought. “It’s very important to understand and to cast a vote. In dánsers”, referred to as the less obvious of Verhulst.


the Judge Davy Brocatus acknowledge The Recent News that the Verhulst and the least to be a dancer, but don’t want to hear accusations of favouritism. “If the public chooses to be the underdog in the race to keep up, then it must be that the jury has to be respected. We are popular with the voting viewers, that’s for sure.”

Also, court bailiff, Ronnie De Ceuster, it denies categorically that there is evidence of preferential treatment. “Well, We could, in good conscience, affirm, that the vote is properly done. In this case, it must be noted that The large number of votes from the viewers. It’s unjust, but it’s the way it is. In the format, and the format only specifies the outcome. The school has also been several times called upon to look into the dansprestaties, but eventually agrees to the viewer, as he or she wants to. Where: Gert Verhulst as the father of the Victor – there’s nothing to change that.”

Verhulst, “The knob turned,”

Verhulst realized that he was still in the program thanks to the voting fans, but it shows that the criticism is not of his heart. “I don’t understand is that the people something like, ” What does it have in the game?’ I’ll take them blame. But, of course, that is not a good to be able to read it. This is not to say that I try my best not to be, and my legs to wipe. But at some point in time, I have the knob turned to it, because, of course, I can also see how much work She < / I> (its companion, ed.) to me again. And I want to be her, won’t let you down.”

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