With Intel, Apple is reaching for the Hardware alone are the Lord to take signs of compaction, and that the American company next week will launch the move away from Intel. In the future, with their own processors could also come in the Laptops and Desktops to use.Rafael Zeier0 Kommentare2006 the switch by Apple to Intel processors in full swing and the company’s founder, Steve Jobs, visibly satisfied. Photo: Keystone

For years, the rumors that Apple has enough of Intel processors keep. While iPhones and iPads year after year faster and more efficient, to make new Laptops more with new keyboards as an unprecedented performance headlines.

This is not by chance. In Apple’s Tablets and Smarphones own, specially optimized for mobile devices ARM processors are used. Apple designed these processors to a great extent. A milestone of the A7 from 2013. Of the surprised even industry experts with a pioneering 64-Bit architecture. The Android competition was far from it. In the result, Apple increased the processor-dominance continually.

Quickly and efficiently

Apple’s processors are efficient and fast. Regularly, you can great Computer look old. But not only the competition, also own Macs need to give more and more to the Smartphones and iPads failed. This is because, unlike in the Touchscreen devices based on Intel processors are used. Until now.

If the rumors confirm, could Apple announce on Monday at the opening of the annual developer conference, a change of course. A course in mind: change, but hardly new Laptops with processors.

So a conversion is complex and forward needs plenty of. First, the Software must be informed, developers and motivated. Finally, the need to adapt their Apps to the new possibilities. In the ideal case, the effort for developers of low-to port their Apps to the new platform. But you want to take advantage of the new opportunities, you need time.

As a transition, Apple has 2005 demonstrated success. At that time, the company switched from PowerPC to Intel. At the time the conversion took about a year.

That such a conversion is complex, you will also see in the Windows camp. There, Microsoft has experimented for years with ARM processors in Surface devices. Again and again the lack of Apps and programs were a Problem. Currently it looks with the end of 2019, launched Surface Pro X (click here for the Test), however, better than in the past.

However, Microsoft’s multi-pronged approach is not to explain to the customer easily. On the more expensive Surface Pro X with ARM all the Apps that work on the cheaper Surface Pro 7 or the new Surface Go 2 with Intel processors perfectly not run.

Here is the crux of the matter lies in a processor a change of course: It should be as undetectable as possible. You may be curious how Apple is going to do that. Only Laptops for casual users (such as the Macbook Air, or a newly launched Macbook) in a first step, the new ARM Chips, and professional devices such as the Macbook Pro or the Mac Pro will follow later? The operating system old Apps automatically, so that customers will notice in everyday life anything from the transition?

When Software and Hardware in harmony

the success of Apple Should this change, the group would have in the case of the processors in the same comfortable Situation as the Software. Even there, you do everything yourself and are not dependent on a Partner.

Perfectly matched Software and processors for a large part of the success of the iPhone. The next months and years will show whether this can be on a Mac again.

A closer together the back of the Mac, iPad and iPhone would be in the sense of the group, says like to how well everything.

Apple’s developer conference takes place this year purely digital. The opening Keynote is on 22. June 19 PM. We will be live reports.

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