Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a thousands of years old tomb of a priest in the pyramid complex Saqqara near Cairo. The grave is unusually well preserved, colored, with sculptures in the Interior of, said the ancient Minister Khaled al-Enani on Saturday in front of invited guests and journalists in Sakkara. The tomb belonged to a high priest with the name “Wahtye” and is more than 4400 years old, he added.

The burial ground was decorated with scenes which showed the Royal priest, with his mother, his wife and other members of the family, said the ancient Ministry. Accordingly, Wahtye was during the fifth dynasty (2500 to 2300 BC), high priest under king Neferirkare. Overall, the burial chamber contained 18 niches with 24 statues.

it was Only in November of the same Team of Egyptian archaeologists had discovered thousands of years old stone coffins for cat mummies and mummified scarabs on the edge of the necropolis of Saqqara. Of the seven coffins, four of the Old Kingdom, the oldest of the classical periods of Ancient Egypt, and thus about 6000 years old.