Jaline Vandromme (18), the winner of the Bake-off of the Flanders , and her win is a great bonus as a result. Kim can as an intern to work in the company of a pastry chef and a member of the jury as An. Not bad at all, as you all know, the appointment in each year, and only two of the internships is in control.

After her victory, did Jaline to know that she is studying physical therapy had to be discontinued. “I have made up my mind to go in the bins. At the moment I’m still looking forward to what I can do,” a voice said then.

During the Bake off and I was surprised Jaline both friend and foe several times. So, she took out a cake upside down from the floor. It was that, just before the jury’s in pieces. At other jobs, she burned her fingers on the second and third stages of the hot caramel.

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