the Visitors of a public park last week to witness a strange scene when an incident happened between a man and a woman, presumably a couple, in a worstelpartij turned. She was a woman dedicated to the smartphone that has facial recognition to unlock it. That was, however, not to the liking of the man, that will be very best done to his face to hide it. It is not clear where the footage was shot, but the fragment is in the millions of views on Twitter.

“I think it’s him with the pepper spray worked, until I noticed that the phone was,” does it sound on Twitter, where the figures in the previous week on Monday and were to be shared. It was raining, in the meantime, comments on the bizarre image section.

The majority of the viewers agree that “the relationship is probably over, and if they get less than trusting”. Others think that it is the ‘fight’ was staged as a social experiment, to see if anyone else comes to the rescue and jumps for the men. There are also those who suspect that everything is fake or the guy has to audition to do to be in with the new, the Matrix play < / I> (because of the moves that he does, ed.).

And there’s a logical explanation for the occurrence of the event: “He just had his eyes closed, the face recognition has to work.” It remains a puzzle as to what really happened, though a few have a theory: “the mobile phone was most likely full of messages from other women.”

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