now, It looks worse and worse for the Spanish woman who was in a box with a chopped off head in it to a friend and gave them to the guard. The head turns out to be her husband, and the wife had cooked and then wrapped in aluminum foil.

In april, Maria del Carmen Merino Gomez (61) in a box and gave it to a friend of mine. There were sex toys in that, ” she said, and she did not believe that the police would find it in the search warrant, which they would carry out as a result of the mysterious disappearance of her partner. Mary insisted, that on a voluntary basis and without any fight left, and they didn’t know what he’s uithing.

After six months, it went to the woman at the light bulb because the box really started to stink in the living room of the house. She was a master at that, after investigation, the partner of the woman turns out to be. The identification was not an easy task, because, according to Spanish media, was Mary the cook, and then in aluminum foil will be stopped.

the body of our lord, Jesus Maria Baranda has been found in a residence, where a lady with him. A daily maid service, local media said that the woman had asked to help out with some of the heavy-duty sacks and bags for the waste-to-wear.

now, Mary remains in the cell. There is in her court, but she said that they have nothing to do with the thing to do. “Someone has to have the box in front of my doors, and I’ve kept it because it was the last memory I have of him and I, ” she said, still with a Spanish television station.