Who speaks with supporters and opponents of the new building of a street railway to Wiesbaden, the gets the impression that the Failure of the project. The protagonists of the City-Bahn wavering between despondency and Resignation. You struggle with a referendum, and also with the time. A dangerous attitude, because voters want to be on the winning side. In contrast, the opponents of the Tram to spread the Confidence that the project stop.

the citizens are allowed to vote, is out of the question. Only a small minority in the town hall continues to be great doubt as to the intention of the citizens about the mobility of the Region to decide, although these citizens may have only the rest in his own front yard.

the time of the vote, the volatility of wins. Now what are the interactions is unclear, which – against the will of the incumbent, agreed – bundling of the mayor election with the European election will unfold. The latter generally has a higher turnout. The citizens ‘ initiative would add to the City’s train, would be a crystal ball for each of the forecast is essential.

choice bundling is desirable

Strangely enough, opponents and supporters are United in the desire to have the choice of bundling. The tram fans because their fear is great, that in the case of a single vote, the naysayers would be easy to mobilize. The opponent, therefore, because you trust in the Power of their arguments and a vote of high legitimacy of hope. Only the election night will show who has charged.