Are you paying too much? For the time being, explains TF1 on its information site, owners have reason to rub their hands: home insurance prices are falling sharply and the trend has been accelerating since the start of the health crisis. All in all, the average fall is estimated at 17% over 5 years. Still, that doesn’t mean we should rejoice too soon. On the contrary ! According to MoneyVox, which specializes in economic information, the amount of premiums to be paid could soon explode.

Our colleagues rely on a recent study carried out by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority of the Banque de France to sound the alarm. According to the latter, we can expect an increase in home insurance premiums of 130 to 200% over the next 30 years. But how to explain such a situation? The Autorité cites a very specific reason: the climate crisis.

The heat wave that is currently hitting the nation has very concrete impacts on the lives of each other. This type of phenomenon now risks playing on the finances of each other, explains to our colleagues.

The comparator evokes indeed “a phenomenon which will have serious consequences” since “its financial weight on the system of compensation for natural disasters is exponential”. “The regions of the South-East, particularly exposed to weather hazards (drought, Cévennes episodes, etc.), also show the most significant increases, with 33.3% and 40.6% respectively in PACA and Occitanie”, he continues. On good terms.