Essential in a large majority of dishes, salt is one of those essential ingredients that you must have in your cupboard. Indeed, in the kitchen, it is difficult to do without it without the dishes being prepared being too bland.

Besides that, this product can have many other uses that make it all the more irreplaceable. It is particularly known for its whitening properties. So much so that it has long been used for washing, recalls Health .

However, it is for cleaning dishes that it can prove to be an outstanding stain remover. Indeed, some traces are particularly difficult to eliminate. Thanks to its consistency and its properties, salt can help to overcome it. With this extra ingredient, stains on the bottom of pots or plates will be just a bad memory.

To use it as simply and efficiently as possible, just pour it directly into your dishwashing liquid. You can then add a little water to the mixture and then all you have to do is shake everything so that the liquid is homogeneous.

You now have a particularly effective dishwashing liquid that will allow you to get rid of all the most stubborn stains. No more scratching for long minutes to get rid of food residue and burnt spots. All of your dishes will be able to regain all their whiteness and will thus be offered a second youth.