Corona forced season crash – Why the Amateurs do not whine during the Pro football support, this is not called for, need the smaller clubs. This has various reasons.Etienne Sticher0 KommentareEs would also be self-aware.Drawing: Felix Schaad

alert mood in the football due to Corona. “Without the massive financial support by the state and the professional football can’t make it through this difficult time,” said Heinrich Schifferle, President of the Swiss Football League. “This leads to a mass of the clubs do not die when the state engages in a comprehensive,” says YB-sports-in-chief Christoph Spycher.

is Quite different than in the professional clubs, there are sounds in the Amateurs. Much more self-confident. “With some smears of the Association will be able to survive the crisis,” says, for example, Martin Gubler, President of the Zurich clubs SV Höngg. Similar to hear from other Clubs. The President of FC Wettswil-Bonstetten, Markus Fischer says: “We will survive the crisis secure.”

While the big professional clubs to complain in front of all the failures of the revenues, make the Amateur clubs, mainly the events have: grümpel tournaments, festivals and training camps had to be cancelled, these revenues are now lacking. “This is a total of 25’000 to 30’000 Swiss francs,” says Fischer. Another Post sponsors who do not want to pay in the next season or can are. Fischer expects to have around 30 percent lower sponsors ‘ revenue, corresponding to approximately 50‘000 Swiss francs. For him not to understand that sponsorship for the establishments affected by the crisis, is paramount.

Lack of revenue, but…

“On the other hand, we have no game and therefore no expenditure,” says Fischer. Compensation for the arbitrators, food, or a bus trip for the team to fall away. In addition, the Association had driven from the middle of March the cost down. “There are no compensations were paid to coaches, officials and players,” says Fischer. If the club is able to charge the membership fees in full, “then we have no hole,” says Fischer.

Also during the third League club BC Albisrieden Survival in the Moment is not a Problem, says President Pascal Hager. He anticipates “10’000 to 20’000 Swiss francs for costs that we cannot cover”. Already at the beginning of March, you’ve seen that nothing New will creates more. “All issues have been dealt with very carefully,” says Hager. So, for example, the bibs have been ordered for the annual Junior training camp for once, however, without a year – so they can also be used in the next year.

the uncertainty makes Hager rather than the Start of the next season: “If it takes a long time, the question is, how far the state can support us yet.” At the Moment, the grants of youth&sports (J&S) are secured, although in the back round is not trained could be. This helps many Clubs enormously. “But if that’s not coming, it is soon evening”, is Hager convinced.

The J&S funds are also available for the SV Höngg is of great importance. “It is essential for us that we get at least a part of,” says Barbara Gubler, Treasurer of the Association. “Then the crisis is bearable.”

in the best case, a small victory premiums

350 million Swiss francs, wants to give the Federal government the Pro-hockey and football clubs as a loan. 150 million to get the width of the sport in the Form of amount of contributions. However, neither the FC Wettswil-Bonstetten, the BC Albisrieden or the SV Höngg claim these funds. “Because we are not currently facing the financial abyss,” says Barbara Gubler. You can still draw on the reserves. Also, the BC Albis can meet Rieden currently its obligations, says Hager. “Because we have no players that we need to pay,” he says.

The wages are not also be one of the reasons for this claim, which is why some professional associations support from the Federal government, while Amateur clubs are in need of this. Even clubs in the 1. League to pay their players any wages. In Wettswil-Bonstetten, before the termination of the season on the second place, to get compensation for the player points, bonuses and Expenses. However, since neither trained yet can be played, is both, the Association was able to save. In Höngg, the players get nothing. Only a small win bonus admit it, Martin Gubler says. However, the money was intended for the team Fund, not for the players themselves.

it is Also used in the Amateur associations, to more solidarity – while some professional players clubs were to pay the waiver ready. The SV Höngg employs around 50 coaches will receive an expenses-compensation. Because of the unusual training, the Board have offered you a part of it. “But many don’t want money, they want to help the club,” says Barbara Gubler. It also hopes the BC Albisrieden, where only the coach of the Active teams will be rewarded. “I’m going to sit down with the coaches and ask if they waive, on a voluntary Basis on the part of,” says Hager.

home games are not profitable

Come finally, the revenue from the home games. FCZ President Ancillo Canepa expects a loss in the six digit range per the spirit of the game in the Letzigrund. For the Amateurs, the spectators are purely opinions less critical for FC Wettswil-not Bonstetten once again profitable. President Fischer said: “We are not able to cover the cost of the home matches with the revenues.”

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