The mayor of a small town in Bolivia, was on Wednesday attacked by a who’s who of the women with bare feet through the streets, pulled her drenched in red paint, and her hair afknipten. According to the activists, the woman was responsible for the deaths of two people.

in Bolivia, has been for weeks in the grip of protests against the election victory of president Evo Morales. Then, on Wednesday, in the town of Vinto, in the heart of the country, two people were killed in a confrontation with the supporters of the government, and marched with a crowd of angry activists at the town hall. Since false accusations against them, mayor Patricia Chávez, a member of the governing Mas party), the chairman of the government, with services to Vinto to be taken, and who is to blame for the deaths.

The chanting of the “murderess, murderess” pushed his men, Chávez, then, barefoot, through the city centre. Then cut her hair off, and they poured red paint over a woman. They forced her to take a letter of resignation to sign. After four hours of abuse, it was Chávez handed over to the police, who have taken her to a nearby hospital and released.

Photo: Twitter Photo: LOS TIEMPOS, BOLIVIA/ via REUTERS, Photo: LOS TIEMPOS, BOLIVIA/ via REUTERS, Photo: LOS TIEMPOS BOLIVIA, from REUTERS has More on Bolivia and: Bolivia’s Anger over electoral fraud and A continent to explode, in Spite of a protest and a call for the EU, the second round of Evo Morales officially declared the winner of the elections in Bolivia and the Bolivian government proposes to recount after protests over a sudden verkiezingssucces