the cabinet decided yesterday that the Uusimaa isolated from the rest of Finland, so that the corona virus spread from the new country the rest of the country can be curbed.

Police set locks to a new country, leading you and stop and check every cross-over is going to. New to the country or out of the traveling people stopped since Friday, if the parliament adopts the regulation.

the Government issued yesterday a framework for who will receive the province’s border closures despite the move to the new country across the border.

the Acceptable criteria are the activities of these authorities, work, livelihood, or position of trust practice, statutory duty, immediate family death, child visitation rights, or other pressing personal reason. Also for example, the health of close relatives can be an acceptable reason.

we Asked the police board of the police inspector, Sarge arvelinin of nine practical questions about who limit can be exceeded and where.

Can anyone go over the border to work?

not just anyone gets to go to work. Only it, which shows that it is a necessary basis to work, go for, go. It means, in practice, for example, that if you have the opportunity to telecommute, so making them at home.

How do police know who is forced to get work in the workplace?

the Police did not find out to get to the bottom of reasons, but I am very critical of the new land border crossing. Still, there are tasks that require a workplace to go to, such as medical staff, journalists, authorities, trade transport, postal I must go and food must get to the shops. If jobs need to go and no other options, then get there.

How to prove that is to get to work?

no evidence is required. Any written certificates do not need to be involved. If the employer issued certificates, so it will facilitate the inspection.

in Humans is, however, the obligation to prove their identity and submit to police in writing or oral testimony, which is why it is necessary.

Whether the confidence measures defined in this context?

mps working is, for example, such, also, city and municipal positions of trust or trade union activity, if it is necessary and it can’t be any other way of treatment. For example, in parliament has moved from extensive telecommuting.

Who regulatory action means?

from the Same starting point, they will be judged as more work. Such are, for example, alarm functions and also other official functions of work advancement. For example, say, the new earth outside the territory of the resident ministry official, which is to do his job office location for privacy reasons.

How a large number of police will assess the limitations of the departure of the?

I can’t do percentages say. We are very expectantly to the fact that the people themselves understood, that now if ever we should stay home and avoid close contact and to treat all remote connections, or in other ways.

What kind of share of the leisure tourism is the normal of New transboundary transport?

I don’t know at all. I hope that this day no longer little, but only necessary traffic. In particular, morning and afternoons can still check for points accumulated congestion, which’ll inevitably lead to a mess to transport.

Whether the control over the police are instructed carefully about who gets over and who doesn’t, or whether individual decisions are at the discretion of the wild more?

Poliishallitus has produced a very comprehensive guidance, which is the best time to be finalized. It has been taken care of, that take into account all relevant circumstances. All are equal, and all receive the same treatment.

If the border crossing permit did not get, can the police decision to complain?

you Can complain, if the suspects that the police have exceeded their powers or discretion, but that’s a decision, what’s the checkpoint is made, is not appealable.

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