Imminent take-off for lovers of escape. This Wednesday, November 16, France 3 offers you a new issue of Faut pas rêver with Carolina De Salvo. The opportunity for the host to take you on a discovery of the Caribbean in the Lesser Antilles.

At the heart of this getaway between Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique, the presenter and adventurer invites viewers for an immersion in the natural jungle, to discover aquatic activities or to rescue animals with locals. A new journey for Carolina De Salvo, who has hosted the magazine since 2017, alternating with Philippe Gougler.

However, nothing predestined this 41-year-old Italian to co-host the famous France 3 magazine. Before her career on the air, Carolina De Salvo officiated in the shadows. But, a meeting will change his destiny. “At the time, I was a journalist / freelancer in Paris. And there, on a beach, I crossed paths with the Thalassa team of Georges Pernoud who was trying to prepare a program in Italy”, a-t – she explained the one who became a fixer in the Buzz TV show of Figaro.

With her expertise and her suggestions, the journalist became a director and worked on Planète Thalassa before moving on to animation. “It’s a nice coincidence. Everything happened naturally. For me today, it’s very touching to shoot with technicians who have seen me grow. That’s why I’m very confident” , she assured our colleagues.

If she has not taken over the reins of Georges Pernoud’s flagship program, Carolina De Salvo has gained popularity for five years by presenting Faut pas rêver. When she is not on the air on France 3, the host sets out to discover new horizons. “I’m the girl who pushes the door of museums in hiking boots! Besides, as soon as I’m not working, I put on big shoes, I prepare my little bag and I leave. I’m only between two destinations”, she told Télé-Loisirs in 2021.

From her many travels, the famous journalist reveals her photos on set or on vacation to her 10,000 subscribers on Instagram. Here is his portrait in pictures through our slideshow.