buurtpolitie -actress, musical star Ianthe Tavernier will need the Dancing with the stars to leave. As a jive partner, Nick, in the Teeth 5 Seconds of Summer-could be the judges, and the public is not entirely convinced. The judges gave her a total of 29 points. It is up to the public, which is ultimately the deciding factor has to be given, as In Verhulst was following the points of the jury, it’s actually at the rear with 23 points.

the Jury, in Jan Kooiman always a bit of a flavor if you are Ianthe. “I’m here every week, it’s a feeling that I will learn on the dance floor, but in your case, I don’t know what I should be doing. You have to dance well, but I don’t miss anything. Perhaps Ianthe-based sauce.”

“It is a great pity,” says Ianthe, immediately after the announcement. “I would like to have so much more of myself to show for it. I was with my partner, Nick, is so hard and decided to move on. I have so many wonderful people to get to know. I am very grateful for.”

now, once Again, appeared on Kelly and Andrei, and you and I are among the top favorites in the first ten for the season. Kelly was one of them tells her to pass this. Julie and I talked to Jan Kooiman, with its state of the art of dance. Also, Jack and Victoria Verhulst, can go out in the semi-finals. That last one got some constructive criticisms were: “I think your motor is better. Last week, there is a more dynamic and co-ordination of your movements,” says Davy Brocatus. “You keep the change.” During the semi-finals, the candidates will have two dances to learn.

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