The 12 most beautiful beaches – Where is the Switzerland of the Mediterranean feelings In the summer of 2020 most of them will awaken from us in Switzerland to have a holiday. This is not tragic, because in this country there are beaches that can almost compete with Phuket, Porto Cervo or Punta Cana.Artur K. Vogel (travel content)on 14 Kommentare14Plage du Pierrier in Montreux on lake Geneva: the beach at the lake instead of the beach to the sea: Mediterranean sea-Feeling here, too. Photo:

beach feeling, although the sea is far away? In these twelve places it is likely to be found after the loosening of the measures taken to combat Coronavirus.

Aufschütte, Lucerne, lake of Lucerne

The Lucerne is the Swiss water with the most Seearmen and bays. It is around the lake about two dozen seaside resorts, eight in the city of Lucerne, amazed. The Lido at the Swiss Museum of transport represents the refined nature of the beach life and the Aufschütte on the other side of the lake, behind the KKL, the anarchic version of it. The beach was created with excavated material from the sun mountain tunnel, the A2, which was placed here in the 1970s. The voting citizens rejected after millions of loans for the Development of the site. However, the population seized the “Ufschötti” one way or the other. In the meantime, there is a sandy beach, lawn areas, trees, a Beach Bar and a Kiosk.

Strandbad Flüelen, lake of Lucerne Strandbad Flüelen: day at the beach on the lake of Lucerne. Photo: Strandbad Flüelen

From the sandy beach of the mighty mountains and gaze around the beach in Flüelen UR at the upper end of the lake of Lucerne: more of a feeling like being in a Norwegian Fjord as a Maldives. For the younger guests there is a children’s pool < / strong> and Playground. The Larger swim to the Raft, and practice in the plunge. For catering, barbecues and beach café with a sun terrace are on offer.

Badi Mythenquai, Zurich, lake of Zurich

In which beach has a Mediterranean Feel is on the lake of Zurich is most likely to arise, one could argue infinite. The fact is, that the Badi Mythenquai in the urban district of Wollishofen has the longest sandy beach, extensive lawns and many trees. Deck chairs, Stand-up paddle boats and cabins are available, two Restaurants and barbecue places.

Au Peninsula, lake Zurich

built as dense as those of the lake of Zurich are probably a few banks of the lake. All the more surprising to find that also this lake is a secluded, almost deserted beach is On the Peninsula of Au, from the ship pier is only a short walk away, there is a tree surrounded, almost untouched small beach. A Blogger almost felt on Guadeloupe was added. There are picnic and barbecue facilities. And at the top of the hill is perched a handsome country Inn.

beach Gäsi, Walensee

At the Walensee lake on the way to the Grisons country normally, without over stop. This is a mistake. The wide sandy beach of the Lido Gäsi in Filzbach, in the opinion of connoisseurs, one of the most beautiful in the German part of Switzerland. There is also a children’s Playground, a Raft, and fire places. A Restaurant with a large terrace, a Kiosk, toilets, changing cabins and showers complete the offer. The Mediterranean feeling from remains a maximum due to the water temperature: it rarely rises above 20 degrees.

lake cauma, Flims , The lake cauma in Grisons: no longer a stranger. Photo: Tim Ulrich (Pixabay)

If the Grisons call the lake cauma in Flims, the “Caribbean in the Alps”, is the exaggerated slightly, but has a reason: The lake is situated at almost 1000 meters high in a forest sink, but with its turquoise-blue water may be hot in the summer to 24 degrees. It is accessible on foot, by Bicycle, and with a small funicular railway, and there is also a Restaurant. Anyone who takes a look at the island in the middle of the lake, is reminiscent of Thailand.

Seebad Romanshorn, lake Constance,

The most of the beach resorts at the lake of Constance are on the German side. One of the largest, however, the Lido Romanshorn is. With three swimming pools, a water slide, a current pool, a Spa tub, and a jump, the tower will offer something for everyone. A shallow water zone with a new jetty provides a relaxed bathing with children.

Salavaux, lake Murten beach of Salavaux: Idyll on lake Murten.Photo: Region of lake Murten

With the endless sandy beaches of the Seychelles or the Maldives are not able to measure up to the lakes of Murten and the lake of Neuchatel, but almost, as this example shows: The flat beach of Salavaux in the Canton of Vaud, part of the Murten lake is about a Kilometer long. Of course, no palm trees grow here; but also native trees to provide shade.

Plage des Pins, Yvonand, Switzerland.

With a long sandy beach, Yvonand is on lake neuchâtel, in the Canton of Vaud, located. He called the plague of the Pins, so pine beach. Because the forest is directly adjacent to the vast green areas and the Beach; picnic tables, barbecue grills and children’s playgrounds make Yvonand to the ideal, to the beautiful summer visited tourist and holiday resort for the whole family days. There are also many water sports facilities, a terrace, restaurant and kiosks.

Plage de Cheseaux-Noréaz, Switzerland.

The neighbouring village of Yvonand, Cheseaux-Noréaz, also on the lake of Neuchatel, has not only its own gently sloping sandy beach, the many to be the most beautiful in the whole of Switzerland. There are also the so-called Criques, secluded, intimate coves, almost like to small Thai Islands. Rather, the Caribbean, the simple Buvette reminded. There are picnic and barbecue areas.

Plage du Pierrier, Clarens, lake of Geneva

The largest beaches on the lake Geneva on the French shore, in Excenevex, Thonon or Evian. But also on the Vaud Riviera, between Villeneuve and Vevey, you can feel like the Mediterranean. The largest sandy beach, the Plage du Pierrier Clarens near Montreux. In addition to Sand and turf, beach volleyball, toilets, picnic tables and showers, a Buvette and barbecue areas offer incredible views of the Savoy Alps and in the high summer, real Rimini days Feeling, because then quite a crowded.

the Maggia and Verzasca valley crystal clear swimming in the Verzasca valley.Photo: Ticino Turismo

of Course, there are the lake of Lugano and the lake, the large, sophisticated bathing facilities Maggiore. Who wants to be bathing in wild, unspoilt and adventurous, soaked into the Maggia or Verzasca valley. In the maggia Delta giant Sand-, gravel -, and stone benches are to be found. Further to the above, there are bizarre, from the river-polished rock formations and small sandy beaches. In the town of Maggia, and in Giumaglio, you can plunge in the waterfalls. In the case of Avegno, the case of Ponte Brolla, Lodano, Someo and Aurigeno turquoise curls and blue pools of water for bathing. However, you may not expect any Caribbean water temperatures.

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